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Community Partner Highlights!

We Fight:

2Gether with friends and allies.

2Wards a brighter future.

2 Ending the HIV epidemic.


Important study information from Jayrol, of Research with a Heart. 

For more information email:


Special Message from Christina Strasburger, Queer Newark Oral History Project


Thank you to the Research with a Heart team for this creative collaboration. This virtual exhibit gave Artfront Galleries the opportunity to celebrate sex and body positivity through the lens of photographer Timothy Dingman. Everyone deserves the freedom of being comfortable in their own skin, with no judgement or shame. As Rupaul famously states "We're all born naked, and the rest is drag".

We look forward to bringing this exhibit to you in it's physical form in the near future. In meantime along with this virtual gallery, Artfont Galleries will play projections of this exhibit at their Lower Broadway pop-up gallery located at 1 Bloomfield place, Newark. These projections will play automatically every evening from February 18-28, 2021. The projections can be seen from outside the gallery. To learn more about our upcoming projects or if you're interested in being a model for future body positivity photoshoots please email: 

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